By now you have entered our Behind the Seams Giveaway. So, now it’s time to get to know our partners better. Let us introduce you to Indego Africa.

Spa Week + Indego Africa

Indego Africa’s mission is to empower and uplift artisan women throughout Africa so that they can become their own viable source of income. Currently, Indego Africa works with 25 groups of more than 1,000 women in Rwanda and Ghana. These women take the designs that are dreamt up in New York City and turn them into reality. All products are handmade with traditional technique and local materials. For the Behind the Seams Giveaway, Indego Africa, submitted two of their most iconic pieces, a hanging basket, and an Odette necklace.

Navy Hanging Basket

Spa Week Behind the Seams Giveaway

Indego Africa’s hanging baskets’ classic geometric motifs and pops of color bring style to any room. Hand-dyed and woven from sweetgrass, they are perfectly sized to hold the latest fauna or bring organization to smaller abodes. Available in a variety of sizes, the baskets are the standout piece of any room as they emulate distinct Rwandan flair.

Spa Week Indego Africa

Rwanda’s only tin cooperative, Étainerie y’I Huye melts, shapes, and polishes every piece of tin to create jewelry works of art like the Odette Horn Necklace. The bold and sleek shape perfectly complements any look.

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