Without fail, every time I go in for my standing Brazilian appointment, I think, why am I doing this? And then what seems like hours of uncomfortable positions and ripping takes place. What’s a girl to do? Well, this GIRL was over the summertime sadness that is shaving and waxing, so she decided to finally RSVP to the laser hair removal party hosted by trusted confident and hair removal industry vet, Spruce & Bond. Yes, we realize that women everywhere have been lasering off leg hair, underarm hair and their bikini areas forever, but we just don’t like to jump on to trends until we are really sure, ok? I’m one session in (out of five), so I had Kristen Rogers (the esthetician who is improving my quality of life) dish on the nine things all first-time laser hair removal customers need to know. Make sure to check back each week for our updates on our progress.

How can first times know if laser hair removal is safe for their skin?

Getting a consultation is important before receiving laser treatments and also important before paying for them. Skin type is never the issue with the laser, however, the laser does have some contraindications such as antibiotics and sun exposure.

How many treatments are necessary?

Individuals results vary I like to say anywhere from 5-10 is standard for optimal hair removal results.

What is the recommended time to wait in between appointments?

4-6 Weeks depending on the area being treated and the individual’s growth

Does the hair fall ofinstantly?

No, it takes about two weeks for your first cycle of laser hair removal to kick in and shed those initial follicles.

Are some areas more successful than others? Why?

Laser hair removal is something to be judged on a very individual basis. Everyone is different. There are areas I refer to as hormonal. These areas would be considered trendy areas of laser. An example would be the face. Everyone’s face is a hormonal area. Legs and arms usually have the best results due to the lack of hormones in those areas.

How long should you go without shaving or waxing before your appointment?

4 weeks for waxing, you can shave the day of for laser.

Are there any prescriptions that you shouldn’t be using if you are going in for laser hair removal?

A ton. Laser contraindications include photosensitive antibiotics, topical creams with acids and benzoyl peroxide.

What tips are there for people getting laser hair removal in the summer?

Just be aware! SPF is not a choice its a necessity! Hats and long skirts are always great options for a summer of laser!

Does avoiding caffeine help with the pain?

If you can avoid caffeine in the first place then you are strong enough to get through laser haha! I personally drink a ton of coffee and perform my own laser never really felt much of a correlation between the two but it is a stimulant so scientifically it definitely does make sense it would heighten one’s sensitivity to discomfort during laser.

Results end of treatment 2:  We are no strangers to how laser hair removal works, not only have we read just about everything there is on the subject, but we are the last one of our friends to embark on this journey, so we knew that MOST people see noticeable results after treatment three. However, we happen to be that .000001 percent of the population that doesn’t fall into the majority, so our hair removal has been quite noticeable, or perhaps Spruce & Bond’s Specialist, Kristen’s techniques are that good!

But, on to the visit itself- the whole appointment took maybe twenty minutes and there was absolutely no discomfort or pain. We wouldn’t lie to you, we literally were just casually talking and before we knew it Kristen said we were all done for the day. The best part? Each appointment’s pain level decreases, so if we are feeling this fabulous and it is only our second appointment, we can’t wait for our third! Tell us, did you see significant results after only TWO visits?

Results end of treatment 3: Everything we do is to make your life easier and to hopefully prevent you from having a less than desirable spa appointment. That being said, our third appointment happened to coincide with every woman’s favorite time of the month. Normally, we would have rescheduled, but we wanted to confirm if this had an effect on the pain because we would hate for one of our fellow ladies to throw off her laser schedule if she didn’t have to.  Now as a disclaimer, our pain threshold is high, so we went in a little cocky especially after our breezy second appointment. However, we are sad to report that the pain was quite high, so much so that we asked our aesthetician to stop for a second. Now, each appointment is under 20 minutes, but our recommendation is to reschedule when you are less sensitive.

Now we did call out earlier that we are the weird exception to most rules, so we did ask if it should hurt this much or if we were extra lucky. Our aesthetician told us that the time of month plus what stage our follicles were in was the reasoning behind the elevated pain. The silver lining? The pain just means that the follicles don’t have a chance to make new cells and grow back.

Results end of treatment 4: We just wrapped our fourth appointment and with one more treatment to go, we are happy to report the pain we experienced in appointment three wasn’t repeated. So, we highly recommend planning your appointments before or after your monthly friend. But, now onto appointment four, the visit was no big deal as we’ve found our laser hair removal groove. Our hairs had barely grown at all so this visit was really dedicated to eliminating those stubborn stray hairs. We are just one appointment away from completing our hair removal journey!

Results end of treatment 5: We went to our final appointment utterly excited because it has been a long journey, and we were ready to completely smooth. Our treatments have been incredibly successful, so we knew that our final appointment would take care of those stubborn stray areas of hair growth. As Kristen was finishing up, I asked her about touch up appointments because one of the most common laser hair removal mistakes is that once you finish your series you are good for life (we wish, but sadly, not true). She advised me to stick to my schedule of coming in every five weeks for four more sessions. During these sessions, she can increase the intensity and maintain the results I’ve become accustomed to. Fortunately, once you complete a series at Spruce & Bond, they offer a touch-up package of five sessions for $400.

Click HERE to book your next laser hair removal visit. Also, if you are a new client to Spruce & Bond, you will get your FIRST time complimentary- in ANY service category! That means you can pick a waxing, brows or laser session and it will be completely free! On top of that, Spruce & Bond will offer 20% any package purchases after the complimentary session!

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