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LA born but made in Korea, Flora•py Beauty is leading the sheet mask industry by utilizing technology and aromatherapy to create their one-of-a-kind saturated gel masks. Harnessing the healing powers of floral ingredients, each one of their eight masks will heal, treat and protect skin from the everyday wear and tear. We spoke to Kristen O’Connell, the Creator and Brand Manager of Flora•py Beauty to find out how to sheet mask like a pro.


Can you walk us through the creation of Florapy? What challenges have you faced being made in Korea?

Florapy was created to provide an effective skincare treatment for people who don’t have the time or money to spend in a spa setting. So much of the spa experience is the pampering and relaxation, we wanted to make sure to not lose sight of that. There is a wellness element crafted into each sheet mask to focus not only on achieving your best skin but also caring for mind/body balance. The specialized aromatherapy treatments help to harmonize the chaos that we are often exposed to with our over busy lifestyles.

We are so fortunate to work with one of the most advanced R&D centers and manufacturers in Korea – they have the best technology for producing our unique product. It has been a pleasure spending time in Korea and very exciting to bring this effective and well-known Korean beauty treatment to the US with a spin that is heavily influenced by the California lifestyle.

How was the decision made to make the masks out of coconut? Besides providing more moisture, how does the coconut work with the other active ingredients?

As a huge enthusiast of Korean beauty, I’ve always believed in the power of the sheet mask and have seen the results first hand. During the development of the Florapy brand, I wanted to create the very best sheet mask and think about this new beauty category un-traditionally. When I discovered the 100% coconut sheet mask I fell in love with the texture and the luxurious cooling effect of the material. The material also naturally adheres to the skin so it’s a perfect form-fitting sheet that gently clings to the contours of the face.

This means you can still walk around your house getting stuff done while getting your intense hydration treatment. With many other masks, you really must lay flat to keep them in place. It was an additional bonus to learn that the material was able to hold so much more moisture than a traditional sheet mask – up to 20x more! This means major hydration you can see and feel.

“Simply just start using a sheet mask.”

Spa Week Floraphy Beauty

As the season’s change, how can consumers use sheet masks to transform their skincare routines/battle holiday stress?

We all have commitments to our current beauty routines, but if you can add in one sheet mask a week you will start to see the effects and will understand the great benefits of adding this step to your routine.

For me, anytime I notice a sign of a breakout or trouble zone I immediately use a sheet mask. During the holiday season, we are all traveling and not getting enough sleep – when these conditions arise it’s okay to up your treatments to keep your skin glowing for all those holiday photos. Sometimes I use up to 3x week!

Once and for all what is the correct way to integrate sheet masks into your skincare regimen?

It’s easy! Go about your normal cleansing routine just when you’re about to apply your moisturizer – skip it, and reach for your sheet mask. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes, remove and dispose of, let the remaining serum soak into the skin. No need to apply an additional cream.

“It’s the most easy-to-use yet incredibly effective step you can add to your beauty routine.”

What tips do the pros use to put on their masks?

Always start with cleansed skin! Keep in mind that there are protective layers on each side of the sheet mask. Be sure to remove and discard those layers and apply only the coconut sheet. Once you’ve done it, you’re a pro in no time.

Can you share any upcoming news with us?

We just recently launched in all Bluemercury locations and be sure to look out for our special packaging for gifts this holiday season.

Images via Florapy Beauty

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