We consulted with skin pro, Allyson Bohnert, licensed medical aesthetician and owner of Allyson-Brittany Aesthetics  for guidance on our first microneedling treatment. 

Spa Week Microneedling

There’s no question that I’m a skincare fanatic—you can find me once a week trying out new creams, face washes, treatments (you name it), that will help improve my 28-year-old skin and hopefully prevent early aging. After hearing about the microneedling beauty trend and listening to friends gush about how beautiful their skin looked and felt after getting it done, I knew I had to see what it was all about.

Initially, I was very nervous walking into my appointment. Even after researching every known fact about microneedling and watching videos online prior, I thought I would be ready for what seemed like torture to me. Yet there I was, waiting to be called in from the seating area for my 3:00 p.m. appointment.

After being led back to the treatment room, I was given numbing cream that was placed all over my face. I sat for 40 minutes until I got a strange tingling feeling, which meant it was finally go time.

Once the numbing starts to take effect, the cream is wiped off and face cleansing begins. After the face is cleansed and patted dry, a growth factor serum is applied all over the face, and will also later be needled into the skin.

I laid face up while my face was gently washed and prepped for the procedure. A hyaluronic acid serum was placed on my face, and that’s when the buzzing prickling sensation began. I looked up as the tiny needles at the tip of the 0.5 mm microneedling pen came towards my face and clenched my hands tightly anxiously waiting to feel some sort of pain, but it never came—I was stunned.

Spa Week allyson brittany aesthetics/

Our treatment room

Allyson started at my right cheek and worked her way around my face—the only discomfort I felt was a slight burning and stinging sensation at times, but overall, it was really just the awkwardness of having someone right at your face with needles. I could feel my face starting to feel hot as if I had been in the sun and didn’t put on sunscreen, and that was about it.

When she got to the areas around my eyes, I began to tear up, not because I was in pain, but mostly because I was staring up at the ceiling trying to stay still since this was the most sensitive area. I think the feeling of the needles touching my skin near my eye region is what did me in. Again, it wasn’t painful, just uncomfortable and more awkward than anything else.

I didn’t bleed as much as I thought I would after the treatment was over, it stopped within 5 minutes after the needles stopped going in and, viola! That was it. I survived.

I was given a smaller roller tube with the remaining hyaluronic acid to apply throughout the rest of the evening and was sent on my way home. Don’t let the idea of needles going into your face scare you, because the truth is, the procedure itself isn’t bad at all, and I highly recommend it.

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Written by Josseline Carbonare. Featured Image Skinney Med Spa

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