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Your search for the perfect massage that won’t break the bank is finally over. The NOW treats guests to the luxury of a boutique day spa with the convenience and affordability of a walk-in neighborhood massage spot. The minute you walk through the doors, you’ve transported to a tranquil, bohemian oasis. The NOW was conceptualized by Erica Malbon, Gara Post and Amy Krofchick, who were inspired by the Coqui Coqui Hotel in Tulum. They have imported items from Mexico, worked with local artisans, sourced key pieces from Europe, and personally designed elements to create a natural, idyllic space that incorporates nature indoors.

Customers can choose from two different experiences: The Journey Room and The Moment Room. The Journey Room provides a social experience, where you sit in communal chairs and have your head, hands and feet massaged for 25-minutes while zoning out with ear buds and collagen eye masks. If you’re craving a full-body massage, The Moment Room is where you can enjoy up to 80-minutes of private massage—from energy balancing to pregnancy—while a relaxing ocean soundtrack plays in the background.


Add-on enhancements such as crystal healing, aromatherapy and chakra balancing are also available with your treatment. The stunning retail area offers beauty and wellness products, including signature NOW candles, smokeless incense and small batch healing salves. Obsessed with their décor? We’ve got good news: Their Santa Monica location sells hammocks, hand dyed Turkish towels, ceramic art, and other pieces that allow you to take the style of The NOW home with you. And every month, they host fun events like sound baths, meditation and restorative yoga.

We spoke with the co-founders, who explained how they came up with this unique concept.

What inspired you to create The NOW?

We saw a void in the marketplace for a high-quality massage experience at an affordable price and wanted to create an accessible, beautiful space for people to unplug and unwind.

What does “The NOW” mean?

“The NOW” refers to being in the moment, staying present and taking a break from the technology overload many of our clientele experience on a daily basis. Our philosophy is about recharging and taking time out for one’s self NOW through the vehicle of massage.

What is your most popular treatment on the menu?

In the Journey Room, our most popular treatment is “The Fix”, which relieves tension in the head, neck and shoulders, and also soothes tired feet and improves circulation. Guests can choose from eight different enhancements to add to their seated massage. Also, our crystal soak has been the most common choice for our guests. It’s a foot bath utilizing crystals that balances energy, soothes the skin and softens the soul.

In our Moment Room, the most requested treatment is our signature “The Now” massage—a Swedish-inspired massage. Guests can choose from six different enhancements to add on to their treatments including deep tissue, heat therapy, muscle recovery gel, a collagen eye mask and crystal healing.

Written by: Kamala Kirk. Photography by Tessa Neustadt.

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