Welcome to Workout Wednesdays! Each Wednesday, we will be providing you with the inside scoop on all things fitness! This week read about Chicago’s Studio Three.

We are all about multitasking- just take a look at our beauty stash and favorite spa treatment from Daphne, The Glow, which combines two their French Sudatonic Slimming and Detoxifying Body Wrap and a non-surgical facelift into one results-driven back-to-back 60-minute session. So, when we are scouring for a new workout, we expect the same type of all-inclusive treatment, which is how we discovered Chicago’s ultimate fitness destination Studio Three. We spoke to Dani Muckley, Studio Three’s Fitness Director and Peloton cycling instructor to find out how this state of the art three-in-one-studio uses interval training, yoga and cycling to reach a variety of fitness goals.

What makes Studio Three stand out?

Studio Three is the evolution of boutique fitness. From the actual building (a completely renovated Chicago hotel) to our unique programming: we truly stand out as the third home for our community. We offer studio cycling, interval training, and yoga under one roof, plus spa-like locker rooms, a café and retail. Our instructors are industry leaders and our staff is the backbone of our customer service. Perhaps most importantly, we are a local Chicago business and have so much pride in our city and community.

 What’s the one thing you always do when planning a class?

I think every class has its own identity, whether Monday at 6 a.m. or Saturday morning. I think about developing an overlying theme or emotion that I want to successfully convey, and I plan everything (especially the music) accordingly.

 Describe the atmosphere? Ideal demographic? All levels?

Studio Three is about inclusiveness. To me, the only ideal is anyone (shape, size, fitness level, etc.) willing to allow the athlete inside to shine. Every class at Studio Three welcomes all levels, as we focus a lot of coaching on perceived effort and functional movement. Our instructors pride themselves on creating positive environments that cultivate individual and community successes.

What is your ultimate health/fitness tip you swear by?

Live to move. If we find the enjoyment in any type of movement whether walking the dog, swimming laps, riding bikes, etc., then we look forward to it every day.

What is your favorite workout move?

Perfect pushups: full range of motion.  If I’m strapped for time in a day, I’ll make sure to at least get a set of 10, 8, 6, 4 and 2 reps of perfect pushups.

When I’m feeling unmotivated to work out I?

Remember that there is no such thing as immediate success. If I want to realize my own personal goals and practice what I preach, I need to get up and enjoy moving!

Can you share any upcoming partnerships/or news with us?

Our class programming is constantly evolving to fit our community’s needs; for example, we introduced a Performance Stretch class featuring coached mobility work, including myofascial relief with tennis and lacrosse balls.

Images via Studio Three.

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