Step into the world of palette delivery service with Deck of Scarlet.

Every other month, Deck of Scarlet delivers all the must-have products you need to create multiple new looks. Each palette is designed in collaboration with a leading influencer, so you’re always ahead of the trend – day and night. Decadent and ultra-luxe, the limited edition palettes are perfectly collectible. Scroll below to find out the inspiration behind Scentbird’s sister company from Rachel ten Brink, one of Deck of Scarlet’s co-founders.


Tell us the creation story of Deck of Scarlet

My co-founder, Mariya Nurislamova, and I watch a ton of YouTube videos and love to see what creative looks top YouTubers come up with. It’s fun to learn how to create these looks and recreate them at home. However, when we realized purchasing 46 products to recreate a look at home would require half a month’s rent and 3 days of shopping, we knew there had to be a better way for the beauty-obsessed that doesn’t break the bank and allows you to re-create those same looks at home. Voila! Deck of Scarlet was born.

How did you decide on the looks? What are your favorite looks?

Scarlet is a makeup line inspired by our undying love for the gorgeous looks seen on YouTube. It’s a makeup lover’s dream–a collection, or deck, of bespoke makeup palettes for your every mood and desire, all delivered straight to you every other month.

For the first palette we selected alluring, super-wearable deep autumn shades. Every palette is different, but this season’s limited-edition palette comes with three intensely pigmented shadows, a powder bronzer for subtle contouring, a cream blush that melts into your skin, two super-hot shades of lipstick, an eyeliner, and a lip liner.

My favorite look is the “halo eyes” that our “Artist-in-Chief” Kelly Strack created for the tutorial.  It’s a fresh twist and looks great on everyone. Plus, the green eyeshadow shade–Loot–is my absolute favorite.

How did you choose your influencers?

It’s a combination of factors. On the one hand, Scarlet is all about a mix of styles, personalities, and skin tones–each showcasing the best makeup and how to get your sexy on! We also want it to be authentic. So, someone that loves the brand, plus has oout-of-this-world makeup skills. We didn’t only want to “partner” with influencers, we wanted to let their imagination run wild and to showcase that spark that made them influencers in the first place. Kelly Strack, our first Artist in Chief, is just amazing. She has that alluring style that is sexy yet approachable, plus her makeup tips are great!

Are products a mix of high and low? 

We only carry our own line of very high-quality makeup. Our makeup has some of the best quality ingredients in the industry. Made in the US, paraben-free, and cruelty-free, our makeup is formulated to be super creamy and comfortable to apply, plus have super long wear.

Why is the service every other month?

We chose to launch every other month because we didn’t want to overwhelm our subscribers with stuff. We feel one palette every two months is the perfect amount of newness, but we’ll soon hear what our subscribers think.

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