“From runway to reality,” step into the world of Cutler Salon.

Here at Spa Week, winter means many things: stocking up on heavy duty moisturizers, never leaving the house without a pair of gloves and of course giving our hair the mandatory winter makeover. After a long summer of highlights, top knots and beach waves, it was time to make a drastic switch suited for the cooler weather. So, we teamed with up the iconic, Cutler Salon to give our hair the complete transformation it desperately needed. Scroll below to see what happened when we gave Rodney Cutler and David Stank complete control over our hair story.


Salon: Cutler

Services: Cut by Rodney Cutler + Color by David Stank

Vision: Add in layers to create dynamic movement and take color away from fried bronde to decadent chocolate covered cherry brown.

Why We Love It: As a beauty editor, we were more than a little embarrassed to show up with such frazzled hair, but hey that makes for the best canvas, right? Normally, we can be a bit type A with our hair, but when you are in the hands of a color guru whose former clients include SJP and a stylist is responsible for getting models ready for Fashion Week, you tend to calm down a bit. The appointment started with Rodney and David examining my hair, finishing each other’s sentences, and deciphering not only what they saw for my hair but what was actually plausible for my hair. We hate nothing more than when a stylist or colorist isn’t upfront with you because they are afraid of how the client will react.

After tousling my hair and seeing how it fell, Rodney instantly saw that my hair was too weighed down and was in desperate need of layers. He effortlessly gave me the best cut of my life that framed my face in a newfound complimentary way that we didn’t know was possible. And before I knew it, David was handing me a glass of wine and painting my hair with the most transfixing rich color I’ve ever seen. The end results? A complete hair transformation that we’ve only ever dreamed of.

Go to Cutler Salon, now, to make your hair worthy of the runway.

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