Here’s why you need to invest in a facial steamer. 

If you are someone who has had a facial or two, you know that short of a professional service treating your skin to an at-home steam facial is one of the best things you can do for your complexion. Most facials being with a steam because it loosens clogged pores, releases toxins and allows serums and masques to penetrate deeper. When we need to turn our living room into a spa, we use Panasonic’s Facial Ionic Steamer and our favorite essential oil. Read below to find out how to give yourself the perfect at-home steam facial.


Step 1: Prep


Image: Panasonic

Gather your supplies, distilled water and your essential oil. We love using tea tree oil as it helps calm congestion. It is important to use distilled water as tap water can clog your steamer with harsh mineral buildup.

Step 2: Cleanse

Image: Adobe

Image: Adobe

It is important to have clean skin before you begin steaming, so make sure you have thoroughly removed all of your makeup.

Step 3:  Steam:

Image Panasonic

Image: Panasonic

Fill up water tank with distilled water and 3-4 droplets of your selected essential oil. Position steamer six inches away from face and being steaming. One rotation will last for six minutes, if you have extra congestion, we recommend doing two rotations.

Step 4: Treat

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

Once you have finished your steaming rotations, use a towel to dry any excess water on your face. Once the skin is completely dry, follow with a toner to ensure pores are completely clear of dirt and debris. Finish with a vitamin C serum for a truly radiant glow.

Featured Image: Panasonic.

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