If you are thinking about trying at-home microdermabrasion, read this, first. 

The causes of dull skin are endless, dehydration, smoking, indulging in one too many glasses of wine, you get the picture. But until you get your bad habits under control, you can fake it with at home microdermabrasion. In case you aren’t an exfoliation expert, here’s the deal with microderm. It is a professional grade form of exfoliation, that uses a vacuum-like stimulation to slough off dead skin cells that are causing damage to the skin. The removal of dead skin cells improves fine lines, acne scars, age spots and overall texture.


How does it work?

The ReVit by Silk’n is a personalize microdermabrasion kit that uses Diamond Tip Microderm, one of the best forms available as it will reveal youthful skin without causing breakouts. The set includes three different exfoliating heads, Precision, Fine and Coarse depending on the need of each user. The fine head is for people with sensitive skin while the coarse head is better suited for highly congested complexions.

How to use:

It is important to wash your face and follow the treatment guide provided in your kit as it details which direction you should be using the device. Once you have selected the correct exfoliating head for your skin, set the intensity setting to low or high and treat each area for 5 minutes. Post-treatment pro tip: use a rich moisturizer as your skin will need to be replenished after each use.



The results were fairly immediate as after the first use our skin was soft and supple. Our discoloration and scars were less visible and with continued weekly use they will become less and less apparent.

Tell us, will you try at home microdermabrasion? 

Images: Silk’n.

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