“A good tool should make doing something easier, not harder.” — Matthew Waitesmith

We’ve used our fair share of luxury makeup tools, but when brushes made my former the former senior vice president of MAC Cosmetics, Matthew Waitesmith, came across our desk, we knew we had to take a second look. Read below to find how and why Artis brushes are the superior makeup application tool.


1.  Texture

It’s unbelievably soft due to being created from hundreds of thousands of CosmeFirbe, a patented man-made fiber.



2. Application

The CosmeFibre allows for uniform application and blending due to having 3-10 times as many fibers as conventional brushes. Basically, more fibers mean every brush stroke is doing more work on every pass of the skin. This is complimented by the modern construction that was designed to facilitate better self-application through the titled handled and texturized grip pads to aid in control.

3. Animal-Free 

All Artis brushes are 100% Animal-Free, meaning no animals hairs or by-products are used. This is especially important for those who suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin as animal hair is a top allergen.

These brushes retail anywhere from $24 to $62 but don’t let the price tag deter you as they are totally worth it (we swear). We’ve been using our Artis Oval 8 brush for two months straight and it hasn’t shed ONCE or shown any other signs of wear and tear.

 Images: Artis


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  1. Jennifer Green

    Thank you for sharing this amazing information, as I’m a working lady I always look for products, tools that can enhance my beauty even in regular days. As you shared the professional tips of using brushes I would definitely like to try it. As I’m not a professional with a friend’s suggestion I’m thinking to buy sili sponge from http://www.silidrop.com/ , that is a blender that will help in concealing my skin evenly. what are your thoughts about about blending tools.


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