It’s Favorite Find Friday, so you know that means we are writing about a product because we suffer from the issue that it is designed to treat, we have tested it for at least a  month, and we have had noticeable results.

What’s our secret to looking well rested? Monthly facials, religiously wearing a silk sleep mask and sleeping on the NIGHT pillow. Read below to find out why we haven’t spent a night away from it (in over two months)!



Brand: Discover Night 

Product: NIGHT Pillow

Who Needs It: Anyone looking for better sleep, hair and skin.

Why We Love It: Now, we know what you are thinking, my skin isn’t breaking out and my hair is frizz-free, why would I bother with a $150 pillow? The answer is, to maximize your beauty sleep and prevent future damage. The NIGHT pillow provides over eight beauty benefits from healthier hair to a more even toned complexion (basically everything we’ve ever dreamed of). Completely black and made of TriSilk this super pillow will give you the best sleep, skin and locks of your life. Trust us, the NIGHT pillow needs to be part of your wellness plan. 

Images: Discover NIGHT.

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