Spa-ify your lunchtime break.

Working nine-to-five with conference calls, meetings and thousands of emails can be pretty intense and leave you looking worse for wear by lunchtime. While you may think there is no time to squeeze in some coveted me time at the spa, we are here to let you know that simply isn’t the case. Nowadays there are tons of lunchtime quick beauty fixes that can and will make you look your best in half the time. Turn your dream spa day into reality when you visit one of our favorite express spas.

Skin Laundry 15 Minute Laser & Light Facial


If you want to fade hyperpigmentation and acne scars and don’t have the time or money for a full facial with the works, Skin Laundry has the service for you. Their express facial treatment uses a combination of YAG Laser & IPL to reach below the surface to remove bacteria, dirt and old makeup resulting in a clear complexion. Their laser is so gentle you will leave with a red-free face. On top of that, your first visit is free, “so you can be in and out in 15 minutes with clearer, tighter, brighter skin” all without spending a dime.” —Skin Laundry founder, Yen Reis.

The Red Door by Elizabeth Arden


When we need a beauty pick-me-up, stat, we head to The Red Door’s Beauty Bar for one of their Time Saver and Speed services. Our favorites are the Westside Eyeway Collagen Refresher and Lady Liperty Lip Facial. Both treatments are a mere $25 and will refresh and leave your face glowing. The Westside Eyeway includes “thorough cleansing, followed by toning, a hyaluronic serum application and soothing pads placed over the eyes. It plumps, reduces the look of expression lines, and primes the skin pre-makeup for longer-wearing results.” Once our peepers are popping, we finish our look with the lip facial as it is “a quick and refreshing lip fixer-upper that starts with a gentle exfoliation, followed by a hydrating, smoothing and plumping mask to minimize creasing, cracking and fine lines.” The treatment is finished with a seal of “the coveted Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour skin protectant.”

Hand & Stone Hand Therapy + Foot Treatment


We never forget to put on our face cream but no matter how hard we try our hands and feet tend to get neglected. To avoid winter-weathered extremities, we rely on Hand & Stone’s Hot Towel Foot and Hand Exfoliation Treatments. They wrap your feet and hands in hot towels and stretch and compress them. Followed by an application of a lemongrass scent exfoliation scrub, then they rewrap them with hot towels to remove the scrub. Afterward, they apply a hydrating crème and end with a full deep foot and hand massage. The perfect solution to have year round supple skin in under 30 minutes.

 Images: Skin Laundry, The Red Door by Elizabeth Arden + Beauty And Health.

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