“Nude is a concept, not a color.”

From makeup to lingerie, we all know that one nude does not fit all skin tones, which is why two Harvard Business School grads, Atima Lui and Nancy Madrid cofounded Nudest, the largest selection of nude undergarments to date. Read below to find out how co-founder Atima Lui is inspiring body acceptance, confidence and revolutionizing the industry.



Can you explain how your matching technology works? How reliable is it?

We use a proprietary algorithm to carefully match our customers’ skin to the lingerie, hosiery, and shapewear that best complement their complexion by combining photo analytics with textile color and fabric data.

What challenges did you face in creating so many color variations for your pieces?

We don’t manufacture our own products, rather we partner with different brands innovating in the nude space in order to offer our customers the most skin tone options. We currently have 11 brand partners and carry more than 75 different nude shades across all the product categories. For every brand we work with, we ensure they meet our high-quality standards. So, we are very proud to have items for pale women, women with dark complexions, and everything in between!

What is the most important element you want the Nudest shopper to walk away with?

We want every woman to feel beautiful in the skin she’s in. After purchasing an item from NUDEST that matches her complexion, our desire is that she feel inner confidence.

You have 75 shades currently, do you have any new launches coming for 2017?

We do have more items and launches coming in 2017 – but they are top secret for now! You can be among the first to find out by signing up for our newsletter, NUDEST Magazine.

Why do you think this concept hasn’t been pursued before?

Items labeled “nude” in the fashion industry tend to be beige because those are the hues that represented the majority of the industry’s consumer base for a long time. However, with growing diversity in major consumer markets like that of the United States or the market in the United Kingdom where many of our partner brands are headquartered, there comes a need for nude items that meet many skin tones.

Is there any other news, wisdom or tips you would like to share with our readers?

Our final word of advice is to pursue what you are passionate about! Building a business from the ground up is the hardest thing we have ever done – but our company’s mission to redefine the color nude in fashion to match the full range of diversity in women’s skin is what keeps us going.

Images: Nudest

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