So it finally happened. You’ve managed to grow long and healthy nails. By some sheer twist of fate, all 10 of your nails look like identical twins instead of evil looking step-sisters – side eye to our eyebrows right now. That is until you just so happen to smack your hand into the wall and crack one of your nails.

how-to-fix-a-nail-with-a-tea-bag-spa-weekNormally, you’d be forced to cut off said nail and be left with a sad little stump for the next few weeks, but what if you could fix that nail with a tea bag and a few tools that you already have at home? Watch the below video for our latest beauty hack:

Products used for this beauty hack:

  1. Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
  2. Zoya Remove + Polish Remover
  3. One Tea Bag
  4. Nail File
  5. Small Buffer
  6. OPI Nail Envy Original Nail Strengthener
  7. OPI Nail Lacquer Polly Want a Lacquer?
  8. OPI Brilliant High-Shine Top Coat


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