The Organic Pharmacy’s Sheila Kumar’s shares her best advice to get gorgeous skin.


Everyone has a skincare routine. Some involve seven steps and some prefer the minimalist approach. But the goals remain the same, soothe, treat and protect the skin so it is clear, tight and glowing. The concept is easy but the execution usually involves a lot of trial and error, which we don’t always have time for. So, we spoke to Sheila Kumar, Homeopath at The Organic Pharmacy to learn how we can use tinctures to be our skincare shortcut savior (from head to toe).

How can tinctures be used as preventive care?

Often women try to treat problems after they manifest certain symptoms. Therefore, tinctures are very effective as they are quickly absorbed into the body, and results are seen anywhere from immediately up until three weeks. They help all the body’s systems (immune, reproductive, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems) to function at an optimal level.

Can tinctures be combined? 

Many times tinctures can be carefully combined as long as clients are not taking diuretic drugs or are not pregnant but this can be carefully discussed with the Homeopath at one of our stores. There are a number of effective tinctures, Clear Skin Tincture, Cellulite Tincture and Slim Tincture, that can help enhance the appearance and bring clients back to a state of balance and vitality:

The Clear Skin Tincture contains a combination of liver cleansing and hormone balancing herbal tonics to help clear and heal acne prone skin.

The Cellulite Tincture helps in lipolysis and flushes excess water.

The Slim Tincture is a wonderful tincture that helps the body to lower cholesterol and break down fat cells.

What can the tinctures be added to (water, tea, serums, creams, etc.)?

The standard dosage for most of the tinctures involves adding 15 drops of tinctures taken in a little water or juice (about 4 tsp) three times per day. The above three tinctures can be safely combined. However, tinctures are used for internal usage only and can’t be combined with any skincare products. Nevertheless, topical skin products can be used simultaneously and will definitely enhance the client’s overall appearance.

The alcohol found in tinctures can be drying, how did The Organic Pharmacy overcome this?

At The Organic Pharmacy, tinctures are made with a combination of organic herbs, in which the medicinal qualities of a herb are extracted into a liquid form. The most common liquids used in the extraction process are a combination of water and pure organic rye grain alcohol, which in very small quantities does not irritate or dry the skin.Furthermore, tinctures at The Organic Pharmacy are distributed in small glass bottles to aid in convenience, stability and ensure they hold their potency for quite some time.

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