spa-week-a-complete-2Ladies, it’s time to get to know your next skin care regime – an easy 5 step system that was founded by Angelica Fuentes. As one of Latin America’s most prominent business women and philanthropist, Angelica wanted a skin care line that reflected her personal mission in the world – a line that was built on  empowering women that also reminds them that beauty and strength come from within.

As we watch most of the world shift to beauty fillers and overly photoshopped imagery, it’s refreshing to see a skin care put so much thought and effort into celebrating ones real and natural beauty without trying to break the bank. I’ve had the opportunity to test out these products and even though I am still on day 1 (at the time of publishing) of this being my daily skin care routine, I can already feel how light-weight and refreshing each product is. My skin feels plumper and looks brighter but I’m overall more impressed with how soothing it feels on my skin as I head to bed. Normally, I would put on a night cream and it would feel like I had on a heavy mask that was sitting right on top of my face.





A Complete is a regimen that balances nature and technology so that it can be used to address your everyday anti-aging needs. It’s proprietary formulas blend innovative marine and botanical ingredients to address all the major physical signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, elasticity, firmness and dark spots. These are the 5 steps that were specifically designed to bring out  your beauty from the inside out are:

Click the gallery below to see more photos:

I will be bringing you the latest updates as I test out these products over the next month. So far…it feels like I’m ready to pack away some of my high-end skin care products. Oh and as for the hair band – I know it’s beyond amazing – it’s OMG! Mega Hair Band ($8) from Double Dare Spa.

Now what about you? What are some of your skin care concerns that you’re struggling with? Do you feel confident enough to go outside without makeup on?

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  1. limarakhan

    i never had the perfect skin byt lately dry patches n pigmentation are my biggest concern although i do go out without makeup often its good to know there are some great products .

    • Yasmine

      I always had perfect skin throughout my teens and adult life. However i read in a magazine to rub apple splices on your face will leave skin looking amazing. After i did that my skin started breaking out and continues to do that.
      I wish i never read that tip.
      I am self conscious of my spots and hate going out die to them.

  2. limarakhan

    lately im getting dry skin patches n pigmentation i wonder why but those pigmentations n freckles are my main concern these days

  3. Laila

    My skin is combination, some areas are very oily and some very dry, so it is difficult to find makeup and creams that accommodate my skin type.

  4. O. Sunrise

    Using quality products is very important to me. My skin is a bit dry during the winter months and I make sure to give it some extra TLC. As for feeling confident about going outside without any makeup on, the fact is I would feel naked without any makeup. It’s not something I do. I need to have my eyes and lips done. Thanks Cynira for another fabulous opportunity!

  5. lacie shook

    My biggest concern is dryness under my eyes and some fine lines. I’m comfortable going out without makeup!

  6. Tamara R

    I am 41 years old and I am really starting to notice the wrinkles around my eyes when I smile. I would love to plump them up so they are a lot less noticeable. I will go out in public with minimal amounts of make-up but not completely make up free. I always have to have eyeliner and mascara.

  7. Cynthia Knisely

    I would like to these the skincare products. Also I am willing to go without makeup

  8. Dannielle Tessier

    Hmmmmm not comfortable going out with no makeup ..a few dark spots and flaws that i hate and very dry .. but i find a women is so beautiful with no make up and now seeing so many make up free and that i am not the only one with this problem starting to feel more comfortable ..why not off true beauty .. nothing like a spa right at home …

  9. Lulu

    I am struggling with adult acne and the first signs of aging at the same time:( I still haven’t found products that work for me.

  10. Starla

    Girl , your skin looks great! I have never tried any of these before but they seem and look awesome. I would love to try them! I feel as I struggle with some dryness and also dullness. I would love also to prevent anti-aging and that sort of issue! I don’t enjoy being without any facial makeup currently. I would love to become more confident in my skin though!;)

  11. Kyriaki kalnteremidou

    You look so nice with these skin products! I dont like makeup. I prefer taking care of my skin🙆😚😚

  12. Rosa C.

    I go without makeup often but im not very happy with my skin.My concerns are blotchy acne uneven texture skin and hyperpigmentation.I haven’t really started an anti aging regime so this would be great to try I know my undereyes need help!

  13. sassy

    Your headband is beyond cute :))) and photo after applying cream really gives you glow :))
    I have really dry skin prone to dehydratation & that’s my concern….also I don’t have a problem going out with my face sans makeup

  14. Anne C

    Great post! I love Cynira! Those skin care products looks great and I wish to try them. My main concern is the bags under my eyes. Next are my large pores and my ageing skin (losing elasticity). I also have combination skin which gets really dry on some spots during the cold months. I can’t go out without putting on moisturizer and some foundation or powder.

  15. Mya Murphy

    I am 42..but look way younger, however I am starting to get fine lines and wrinkles..

  16. Jackie Areas

    Acne and dark under eye circles! I will not dare go out without foundation. As long as I cover my dark spots I am okay.

  17. donna porter

    My main concern is fine lines and wrinkles. In my 50’s I am noticing my age and this really bothers me.

  18. Carrie H

    My concerns are redness in my cheeks, dryness/dry spots, uneven skin tone and signs of aging (now that I’m pushing 40) like crow’s feet and laugh lines. I do feel comfy going out without makeup on, although I hate how I look. I just don’t always have the time or the motivation to do my makeup each time I leave the house.

  19. Stephanie

    I do feel confident going out with no makeup. Most of the time I do, if I’m in a rush.

  20. Mayra Gomez

    My concerns are fine lines and lack of firmness. I am 33 and my skin is just starting to feel older so I need help pronto!

  21. Elizabeth Brooks

    Dry skin and aging… but still prone to breakouts if use to much products

  22. Katrina Angele

    I will go out without makeup but I do not feel confident or beautiful. Once I gave birth to my son my skin went down hill.

  23. Ines Diaz

    Hello! My skin is oily. So I feel better if I use makeup. But I use less makeup now than twenty years ago. Now I only aply corrector and make up in the places I really need. Less make up but always make up. I am now 43.

  24. A O'Neill

    My concerns are large pores, broken veins on my cheeks, dryness around eyes and aging skin.

  25. Leah sanchez

    I really struggle with my skin looking so textured and the oil on my nose n dry patches. And I somewhat feel confident but not really kinda iffy because I have a lot of dark spots.

  26. Laticia

    Some of the skin concerns I have is keeping my skin moisturized while preventing breakouts. Finding the right balance of moisture while also keeping breakouts to a minimum.

  27. Amna P.

    My biggest concern is how to balance my extra dry skin while still taking care of my blackheads and enlarged pores. All the bore treatments dry out my skin even more. But still, I do go out without makeup quite often, but not fully – I usually do wear a bit of concealer and some tinted lip balm on those days. It still counts though, right? 😀

  28. Raine

    Sadly I’m not confident enough to go outside without makeup. Just hitting 40, my fine lines are showing and my skin seems to have lost it’s perkiness. I’ve always struggled with dark under eye circles and uneven skin tone so I get very excited to try something new. I’ve always wished to be one of those girls who could just moisturize and go but my struggles with acne prevented that. Thankfully that’s almost all under control so I’m ready to battle aging!

  29. Maria Dk

    Some of my skin care concerns are my dryness and dark circles. I have a biiiiiiig issue with my dark circles particularly. It is a problem for me because I never leave the house without wearing concealer.

  30. CL Chin

    I have dry skin in the winter and I also have blackheads too. I am usually fine with Appling a tinted moisturizer with spf and not much else to go out.

  31. Siterria Nelson

    I’m Honestly Struggling With Currently Dry Looking Skin Uggh! 😝 The Worst I’ve Been Trying So Many Different Drugstore Facial Cleansers Such As Nivea,Neutrogena & E.L.F Just To Name A Few To See If They Work & Now My blemishes have resurfaced probably because I have went back to my chocolate eating and soda drinking on a EVERYDAY basis now so for one week NOW I haven’t wore any foundation,Blush,HighLighter No Nothing Only LipStick & Eyeliner & Eyeshadow until I clear up my skin and get my refreshed face back to It’s normal clear skin look!

  32. Carmen Valentin

    My skin concern the most is the age dark spots I always wear concelear and powder to minimize those areas I never go outside without those products on my face.

  33. Camille Ambris

    Dark undereye circles and fine lines are my major problems. I’m always being told I look tired even when am not! Ughhhh

  34. Derana Mathews

    I have started to notice that I have more dark spots and hyper pigmentation on my face. I will be 40 years young in August and I am noticing that my skin is changing little by little. I do feel comfortable going out without make-up, I do try to either have a lipstick or lip gloss on though.

  35. Latoya

    Some of my skin care concerns are dryness, acne scarring and dark circles 🙁 . I feel confident, as I generally wear makeup for special occasions 💁 On any average day, I am not wearing makeup ☺

  36. Darmie jaekobz

    I started off too early with skincare products, with the wrong ones too. At 21,my skin is already damaged and wrinkled. People argue my age with me because I look older than my age. I don’t feel confident enough steping out without makeup😢

  37. Jackie

    My biggest skincare concerns are dryness and discoloration 🙁 I’ve tried pretty much everything from drugstore to high end skincare to find something that really works for me but haven’t had much luck (although I do enjoy the laneige line and use quite of few of their products). I’m constantly on the hunt for products that work for my skin! I would love to be able to embrace the “no makeup” makeup look that seems to be “trendy” right now but I don’t feel confident with where my skin is at YET. Really hoping that I find products that can help me get to that point! 🙂

  38. Crystal Blake

    I can say that I struggle with blackheads and enlarged pores especially on my nose and chin I also have very dark pigmentation under my eyes! All that being said I still love the skin I have and don’t mind going I public without make up. Some days skins jist gotta breathe

  39. Eva Flores

    I never had a skincare routine. But i now i need one jaja. Yes i feel confident to go outside without makeup be cause i think that if you feel confident you reflect it and people can see your beauty ☺️

  40. Gwendolyn

    I’m starting to see forehead lines and undereye bags and wrinkles. Combination skin so I always need a good cleanser so I don’t break out…

  41. Krista Butler

    My main concern about my skin is dry/ patchy areas as well as having minor break outs pop up. But even with those concerns I’m really confident in myself and my skin. Not everyone is perfect so I have no problem going out in public without makeup.

  42. Linda

    I’m struggling with dark circles underneath my eyes and fine lines.

  43. Hiral shah

    My skin is oily and i have pores too.. so every time i go out.. i need Hd base and i have to rub scrub on nose and ice and sometimes i go just wtht makeup

  44. Rayneka smith

    I definitely have dry skin , that’s one of my biggest concern. That and black heads and large pores are some of skin issues as well. I do feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup, but lately it seems like my skin has lots of discoloration.


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