Spa Week is back with $50 spa treatments at top salons and spas across the country!

Your springtime wish has come true! Spa Week is back! This winter has been too long, in our opinion, and we’re ready to welcome the spring. And what better way than to enjoy the retreat of winter with a retreat of your own? With the best spas across the country offering premium spa treatments for just $50 each from April 17-23, you can find a way to renew your mind and body at an affordable price!

For the span of Spa Week, hundreds of spas across the country will be offering select spa treatments at incredible $50 Spa Week prices. This is your chance to hit up that amazing spa you’ve always been curious about, or try a treatment for the first time at a heavily discounted cost. From holistic salt therapy centers to detoxify the respiratory system, to standing in a -160 degree Cryotherapy Chamber to reduce cellulite and improve circulation, these signature services – normally valued at anywhere from $100 to $500 – will be available for just $50 each. You will be able to sit back and enjoy this roller coaster ride of healthy lifestyle choices and rejuvenate with our top recommendations for Spa Week’s Spring 2017 event.

You’re probably wondering – how do you take advantage of this awesome deal? Simple! Just head over to the directory at SpaWeek.com to browse the participating spas and salons in your area. You’ll be blown away by the amazing spa treatments they have to offer.

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  1. Kelly Vandiver

    This is sooo good for everybody! Time to give yourself a treat! Grab this opportunity now and make yourself available for this sale. It’s good for your health and body. You may also want to check this GreenLeaf Day Spa

  2. Elisabeth

    Woow that’s truely only $50 ? spa week so great, with only $50 can feel spa treatment, that’s will save your money and feel relax right. Do you know balinese spa ? balinese spa also interesting, are you ever try ? balinese spa with natural view that’s can make you more relax. Here I give you recomendation for spa treatment in Bali. You can visit you can visit hanginggardensspa.com/ to get more information about that


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