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If you were ever looking for the perfect color nail polish to suit your mood on a Monday morning then you’re going to want to pick up “Linger Over Coffee“. This new Infinite Shine nail lacquer from OPI is a java brown color that looks like gel, but applies like a lacquer, removes like a lacquer, and shines until you take it off. Your manicure will last up to 10 days (if you use the 3 step system below) and can be easily removed.

The Infinite Shine system of products combine for longer-lasting color and shine:

  • Step 1 Primer: Goes beyond base – it actually primes nails for a revolutionary grip on color while preventing staining.
  • Step 2 Lacquer: Delivers real depth with ultra-rich, vivid color.
  • Step 3 Gloss: Promises gel-like durability – the state-of-the-art formula includes gel polymers that cures to a hard film in natural light, yet removes easily without soaking.


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