As someone who suffers from facial bloating and just an overall chubby face (I still blame my baby weight), I’m always looking for ways to tighten my skin and make it look as firm and lifted as it can possibly be. A few years ago, I was getting my first facial and the esthetician spent about 5 minutes massaging my face with lavender oil – I mean I know it was a facial and it’s supposed to relax me but a 5 minute massage on my face? I couldn’t understand it.

Afterwards, she explained to me that it was a special technique that she was using to help lift and sculpt the muscles in my face and she recommended that I do a mini facial massage everyday at home for about a minute. “Just take some lavender oil, rose oil or any aromatherapy oil that you have and while you’re in the shower, massage it into your face in upward circular motions”. At the time, it sounded odd but over the next few days it hit me…I spend hours working out the muscles on my body to stay in shape, why wouldn’t I do the same to the muscles in my face?

So needless to say that I was over the moon when Clarisonic released their new facial firming device – the Smart Profilce Uplift Anti-Aging Massage and Cleansing device.


Photo: Spa Week Insta-stories

This device has the firming power of a high end massage that you can use to help sculpt and lift your face, neck and décolleté and to help to fight against wrinkles, sagging and overall bring out your inner radiance. It’s been a god send to me and my chubby cheeks. I have been using this about every other day at night – right after I get out of the shower, I apply a little bit of my nightly moisturizer and use my massaging head for about 3 minutes.

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