spa-week-x-cartierOur Fridays are always dedicated to our olfactory delights and today, we wanted to explore the new fragrance from Cartier. Cartier Baiser Fou ($95; 1.6oz) which means “Crazy Kiss” in French, is a bright and irresistible eau de parfum that exalts the magnetic force of the orchid laced with luscious, balmy accents creating a modern floral fragrance perfect for spring.

spa-week-x-cartier-3The Eau de Parfum is aimed at fragrance lovers who prefer a more unique scent in their collection. It’s not one of those overly sweet, citrusy or floral fragrances – instead, it reminds me of a small garden that’s filled with orchids blooming after a midday rain shower. You know…more of a sophisticated, rich and unusually addicting aroma.



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