If you felt a little green when you woke up this morning, trust us, it’s not the aftermath of your Friday night out. Instead, it’s Earth Day and the health, beauty, and spa industries are celebrating in full force. Instead of the normal eco-chic beauty products recommendations that we normally give, we wanted to help you find an exciting way to green it like you mean it – with Gem Water.


A few months ago, we met with Anjanette Dienne Sinesio, a jewelry industry veteran who is now shaking up and beautifying the water bottle industry. She’s the owner of Gem-Water, the luxury distributor of the extraordinary gem-water bottles that harnesses the special healing properties from crystals and infuses their abilities into its beautiful bottle design to transform ordinary tap water into extraordinary H2O. 

It works like this: You purchase one lead-free glass bottle blend, there are 18 you can choose from and because the bottom gem pod screws out you can collect other gem pods and just switch them out if you want a different blend that day!



The gem pod is filled with various crystals that you can choose from depending on what healing property you’re looking to tap from it. We naturally chose the Wellness bottle ($78) because of its beautiful combination of amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz. This combination of crystals has an enlivening and vitalizing effect on the mind and body, encourages inner stability and a sense of well-being, supporting the balancing of all body functions.

As the water settles into the bottle, the crystals boosts the pH and oxygen levels of your everyday drinking water, raising its alkalinity to levels otherwise only found in natural spring water. We know, it sounds hard to believe but we tested the Wellness bottle out for months and its safe to say that we are firm believers in only drinking the smooth and clean water from the Gem Water bottles.

screen-shot-2017-04-22-at-10-57-40-am screen-shot-2017-04-22-at-10-57-51-am

Under the microscope: Tap Water (straight) vs Tap Water after 7 minutes in one of gem-water bottles

Images via Instagram @Gem_Water_Lover

The company also has at home water pitcher crystal accoutrements, tea amendments and droplets – all of which you can view in our gallery below.

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