What do you think guys? Can reading a comic book really help you relieve stress?

Photo: GoComics

Photo: GoComics

Think about it…comic books provide a world of wonder – an escape for most people where they can live out their greatest fantasies, be inspired by the most unusual sightings, or even place themselves in the shoes of a superhero.

There has been an insurgence over the past 17 years in the comic industry due to the sheer popularity of the Marvel/DC movies and television shows which has reignited people’s love for comic books. I’ll be honest, before the movies, I haven’t thought about these magnificent characters since I was a child – you know, adulting kind of took over my life. Now, my TiVo is maxed out with recordings of every CW and ABC superhero show; I find myself going to every movie on premiere night; and I may (just may) be sitting in bed for hours researching to find out who Hela is and why she’s trying to destroy Asgard (I mean come on!).

For me, I find comics an entertaining escape from the real world. It’s such an intricate new fantasy world that tackles ideas that I could never imagine on my own.

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