By: Tracy Gavant

Multi-tasking is a way of life for most of us these days; there’s just so many hours in a day and our to-do lists are long…

Here’s a unique multi-tasking product that works as hard as we do…The Lotion Candle.  These waxy wonders enhance your home while also nurturing your body.


The lotion candle, or massage candle, functions like any typical decorative candle by creating relaxing ambiance and filling your space with aromatic fragrance, but these clever candles then morph into a warm, deeply soothing body lotion that melts right into dry, thirsty skin.

While many luxury spas and massage therapists have been using massage candles for years, they have recently gained wider appeal for home use.

The key ingredient to these candles is soybean oil, which offers many benefits.  Soy is natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable and burns cooler, cleaner and longer than other paraffin based waxes.  And best of all, soy candles have a low melting point that never gets too hot, so you won’t get burned!  The lotion feels more like a warm bath than hot wax.  This OMG oil is usually combined with other moisturizing emollients such as shea butter, vitamin E, almond oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil and infused with natural fragrances.

To use, simply light the candle and breathe in as the relaxing aroma fills the room.  Once a small pool forms at the top of the candle, extinguish the flame and dip your finger in the warm liquid(I promise it won’t hurt!).  Apply the lotion to your body, letting the deep emollients in the warm oil absorb into your skin, leaving it feeling silky soft, smooth and nourished.  


I’ve recently added lotion candles to my bath routine for a little pampering and I’ve found that the heat allows the fragrant oils to seep into my skin, so the scent lasts much longer than perfume or scented lotion.

Soy lotion candles are great for dry, cracked skin, as a cuticle treatment alternative to paraffin, and make the perfect massage oil.  They also make great gifts… for others and for you!

Be sure to add these faves to your shopping list:

*Element Tree Essentials are premium lotion candles made with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, which prominently features Coconut oil, known for its therapeutic, antibiotic and conditioning properties.

*Savannah Bee Soy Lotion Candles are made from 100% soy wax with added beeswax, of course. With fragrances such as Tupelo Blossom and Honey Citrus, they stay true to their sweet southern roots.

*The Isle Co.’s signature soy lotion candles are so popular, they now offer Soy Lotion Melts for tea light or electric warmers and Soy Lotion Bars, all made from the same 100% pure soy oil used in their original candles.

So steal a few moments and melt the stress of multi-tasking away with a nice warm lotion candle…sit back, relax and let it do all of the work for once!

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