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With a name like Cleopatra, I was prepared to get a fragrance that was heavily filled with sweet florals and possibly a exotic hint of musk and oud. I mean it’s Cleopatra – the most beautiful woman of all time; a conqueror of hearts and lands; the very woman whose exotic allure captivated Caesar and Marc Antony and dropped them on their knees after all.

Instead, I got a more playful and sweet fruity scent, one that had a bit more charisma and enticed me to learn more.

img_9579-copyTocca Cleopatra ($72; 1.7oz) is a fresh and crisp Eau de Parfum that is meant for a powerful woman. It is infused with notes of juicy grapefruit, rich jasmine, soothing cucumber, patchouli and vanilla musk – all ingredients that were used in her daily beauty rituals. When you first look at it, you will notice that the antique crystal bottle was designed in a very familiar shape – think about the first time that you saw Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother whisk her wand around to create the magical pumpkin carriage. Look familiar now?

img_9575-copyThe decorated metal cap, which has a bit of weight to it, is hand finished, so no two bottles will ever be the same. Finally, the box opens up with a message and a reminder for you to “Love Yourself”…talk about leaving behind a wellness message in a bottle!    img_9612-copy img_9617-copy img_9640-copyimg_9675-copy

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