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My mother always told me that diamonds were a girls best friend but I never would have thought that I would need them in my tweezers. Well La-Tweez proved me wrong with their new Diamond Dust Tweezers.


LaTweez’s revolutionary diamond dust technology utilizes the dust of real diamonds to strengthen the tweezer tip and create a surface with extreme grip and precision that will allow the tweezer to grab hold of those hold to get hairs. The ultra bright LED light illuminates your eyebrows and allows you to precisely pinpoint the areas on your face and eyebrow so you can shape it perfectly.

I’ve tried it out for the past two weeks and let me tell you – I’m never going back to my ordinary tweezers. I know the $32 price tag may seem a steep at first glance but get this…instead of only using this to shape my brows, I’ve been using it to help me put on my false lashes! Think of it like an airplane being guided onto a tarmac and how much light you need for that. Perfect brows and easy lash application – now you can see really the brilliance behind these tweezers.

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The Pro Illuminating Tweezers are available in three colors: red, black and gold at for $32 and at select retailers in the US.

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  1. Rhonda Lushington

    I agree with you about other illuminating tweezers.
    They don’t work well and have a short battery life.
    Must try these😀


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