Move over everyone, Conair has a new hair dryer in the spotlight. Conair is at the forefront of the haircare industry with their iconic hair dryers, and they’ve done it again with the InfinitiPro 3QMS! Just look at the beautiful sleek design, beautiful color, and removable filter- it’s the quietest, sexiest blowdryer of our dreams.

We love how the 3QMS is lightweight and easy to use, perfect for everyday styling. Not to mention that celebrity hair stylist, Michael Duenas, loves this pink blowdrying queen! Duenas has worked with celebrities like Lady Gaga and Lea Michelle from Glee. With the whole world of beauty at his disposal, Duenas chooses Conair’s InfinitiPro 3QMS to keep his clients’ hair strong, sleek, and beautiful. Are you ready to have celeb status hair at home?

Conair Infiniti Pro 3QMS Compact Brushless Motor Styling Dryer ($79.99)


The 3QMS has 3 major features that make it SO good. This blowdryer features HeatProtect Advanced Motor Technology, generating up to 70% more air pressure and less heat reducing hair damage, banishing frizz, and providing salon-quality results. It has a removable filter, which reduces noise pollution and leaves for quiet usage. It’s also built to last, with up to 5,000 hours of usage, which is 2x the amount of time the average AC motor dryer can do.

The 3QMS is perfect for all hair types, and thick hair loves the tool’s superior ionic technology smoothes the hair cuticle, reduces frizz by 75% and boosts overall luster and shine. It even comes with two additional brush heads, a diffuser for curls and waves (hello 80’s), and a precise nozzle for pinpoint styling. Check out our glamorous photos of the new fuschia Conair 3QMS blowdryer.  Want to see more haircare related products? Click here for more beauty posts on hair.




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