I love going to places with open spaces that leave me feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Maybe that’s why I spend way too much time in coffee shops… for the coffee! I swear. But honestly, raise your hand if you’ve been tired lately. I’ve been tired of the way my skin feels, and I’ve been looking for something to cleanse out toxins from my skin, and give me the perfect glow up for my dullness. It’s okay! We’ve all been there. Let’s get out of there, though. The Detox Market has been my go-to lately for quality, effective, natural skincare. They even have a cute relaxation corner in their new Santa Monica location, at 1231 Montana Avenue. The Detox Market provides natural and green beauty, skincare, and supplement options that leave you beautiful inside and out.

Look at how chic their store is! Beyond the beautiful interior, the store has super helpful green experts that are there for any questions, and are happy to educate on clean beauty. They even stock Tammy Fender products, the line that we reviewed back in March. I couldn’t be happier with the cozy beach house, laid back aesthetic of their new location. Definitely pop by if you’re looking for plant-based, cruelty free, green beauty that’s super effective and easy to add to your current regimen. You’ll see me at that relaxation chair!



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