Veil Cosmetics are ideal for any skin types or age group since they are oil free, water based and are infused with skin care to help brighten, hydrate and soothe complexion.
We caught up with Sébastien Tardif, Co-founder and CEO for Veil Cosmetics tips/tricks to maximize Veil usage.
Tips for the perfect summer makeup:
1.  Along with using sun protection on your face usually comes the undesired sticky feeling caused by the latter. A quick solution is to follow sunscreen application with Veil Sunset Light serum/primer to completely eradicate the sticky feel and smooth out the complexion. It acts as a skin surface regulator and enables you to use heavier skin care textures without the unpleasant sticky after feel.
2. To let your skin breath and appear even in a more natural way, try mixing half/half Sunset Light Primer with any of your thicker, wintery foundations. It creates an instant BB cream or tinted moisturizer and is more forgiving if your skin tone fluctuates a bit due to extra time spend outdoors.
3. Another great time saver is to spot conceal your complexion instead of foundation. That is a very common technique used by pro makeup artists backstage when under time constraint: using Veil Complexion Fix concealer, zoom in on areas needing coverage only like a blemish, redness, broken capillaries and leave good skin untouched. Ultimate freshness and radiance is achieved every time.
4. If like most women you hate the feeling of foundation on your skin, then you will love Veil Sunset Skin Foundation. Because of its airy, whipped texture and being water based, it literally melts into your complexion just like a bite of cotton candy. And because it is self set, no need to follow with a powder that would ultimately settle into fine lines and enhance any light peach fuzz.

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