Bright hair will be huge in 2017!

According to master colorist and Eufora Style Director, Mirza Batanovic, 2017 is going to be the year of bright hair color trends. Read below for his predictions on what shades will cause quite the stir.


A Bright Future

Bright-colored hair is something fresh. People, especially women, are embracing the bright color trend because it is becoming more acceptable in everyday life for the everyday person. In other words, seeing someone walking down the street with purple hair is becoming more mainstream. Women who work in many different industries aren’t as afraid to try something so different and vibrant.

Age Is Just A Number

It appears to me that women of all ages are open to trying this look. Older ladies are doing more subtle, peek a boo versions of bright colors while the younger generations are doing more intense placements and all over melts of vibrant shades. Guys will usually stick to one solid color like silver, navy blue or pale green.

All Over Color vs Peekaboo Highlights

I think once the excitement of these colors fades and the reality of maintaining these shades sets in, we will see more peek a boo versions rather than all over color. Right now the trend is at its peak so all over colors are big. But, clever placement can last longer without touch ups so I do think this will end up being the longer lasting version of the trend.


These colors require a lot of maintenance, period. There is no quick fix at home and you will be in the salon more often if you want it to stay fresh and vibrant.

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