Have you ever had a headache that you just couldn’t seem to shake? Here are 12 pressure points that you can massage at home to help you soothe your headache or migraine.

In soft circular motions you want to massage…

  1. The base of your neck by the inner corners of your shoulders
  1. The center of your neck (be sure to start with your head raised and slightly lower it down to the ground each second)
  1. Both sides of your upper neck (right below your skull)
  1. Right behind the top of your ears
  1. Your temples
  1. Beneath the eyebrows (right around the arch)
  1. Right above the arch of your eyebrows
  1. Third Eye Pressure Point
  1. The bridge of your nose (inner corner of your eyes)
  1. The sides of your nose (sinus pressure relief)
  1. The webbed space between the thumb and index fingers on both hands
  1. The valley between the big toe & the second toe

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