It’s hard being a wine lover while trying to stick to a healthy diet. Most pairings will put together your favorite wines with dishes full of salt and fat – cheese, duck, steak, bread. All of the things you spend half the day trying to resist, right? But there’s a few pretty easy ways for you to enjoy your glass of wine (or bottle) while keeping the food that goes with it healthy and your conscience guilt free. Try out some of these pairings below and feel classy and healthy!

Chicken & California Chardonnay 

Chardonnay, especially California Chardonnays, have a silky flavor that pairs well with chicken. No need to get super fancy with the chicken either! A simple roast chicken with a Chardonnay brings out the natural buttery-ness of both. Plus a simple recipe with no heavy sauces makes it all the healthier!

Shrimp & Pinot Grigio

Shrimp is a notoriously delicate seafood, especially when prepared correctly, and should be paired with an equally delicate white. Pinot Grigio balances out those subtle flavors, leaving you with a fresh feeling palate after. This pairing also makes a great starter course if you’re having guests over. Try a bottle of Pinot Grigio with some shrimp scampi and see what I mean!

Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette & Sauvignon Blanc 

Sauvignon Blanc is a naturally grassy and citrusy wine, which makes it perfect for a salad with lemon or citrus already in it! Most wines would be overwhelmed by the sourness of a citrus vinaigrette, for example, but Sauvignon Blanc (especially from New Zealand) never loses that flavor when paired.

Portobello Mushroom & Pinot Noir

The earthiness of mushrooms pairs wonderfully with the savory depth of a red, but to avoid overwhelming the flavor of your mushroom, a Pinot Noir is perfect. Light but full of flavor, it makes it an excellent sipping wine to pair with your meal. For an even better pairing, try marinating the mushroom in balsamic vinegar before cooking.

BBQ & Malbec

I know that BBQ isn’t exactly something you’d associate with wine pairings, but that sweet and spicy sauce typically found with BBQ really does pair well with reds. You’re going to need something pretty bold to keep up, so I say stick with Malbec or Cabernet Sauvignon. The BBQ will bring out the sweetness of the wine, the Malbec will bring out the depth of the flavors in the food. (We’re keeping healthy, here, so try that sauce on top of lean chicken breast or salmon.)

Chocolate & Shiraz

Maybe chocolate isn’t the healthiest dessert option, but if you’re going to do a pairing, you can’t skip the dessert. A dark red wine does best with dark and sweet flavors, and will bring out the buttery flavors in the both. The richness of the dessert and of course, the dessert wine bring together a perfect ending to any meal and leave you satisfied for the rest of the night.

Okay, maybe just a little more.

For more details on how to pair wine with BBQ dishes, check out this infographic from Bro BBQ:



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