When traveling, I wish I could breeze through security looking fresh and fabulous, with a Ziploc baggie full of TSA-approved travel sizes of my favorite products to help me freshen up after arrival at my destination.

Usually what ends up happening, though, is that I don’t get around to buying travel-sized products and only manage to sling a 5-pound bag of half-empty full sized bottles in my checked baggage and smuggle a Chapstick in my pants pocket. However, now that I’ve had a chance to try Pevonia’s Spa Travel Essentials Kit, the jetsetter lifestyle might just be within my grasp.

  • Begin with the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser with mild jojoba beads to lift away the impurities and dirt that can come with traveling.
  • Use the Phyto-Aromatic Mist every time skin feels stressed or dull. It’s packed with cooling, soothing natural ingredients to refresh tired skin. It also encourages longer-lasting makeup, which means you can get off the plane or train as fresh as when you stepped on!
  • After cleansing, the Marine Collagen Cream moisturizes deeply to erase the fine lines and loss of elasticity that can come with excessive dryness.
  • After a day of walking, whether it be through airports or city streets, the Tension Relief Gel feels divine on feet and calves, cooling and refreshing.
  • Before now if I forgot lip balm on a long trip, I could look forward to painful chapping and dryness, but now I need just toss the Youthful Lip Cream in my bag to enjoy the intensely healing, moisturizing properties of this shea butter-active formula.

Packaged in a very spa-like white toiletry bag for easy carrying, I’ll definitely be packing this Pevonia super-kit with me the next time I travel.

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