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Fellas, maintaining a clean face is key all year-round but as we all know, summer doesn’t exactly play nice with skin. Here are our top 3 shaving tips for men for summer to get through the season cool and unscathed.


1. Never shave dry, unmoisturized skin. Always shave right after a shower. If that’s not possible, wash or splash your face with hot water to open pores – that’s probably the advice you’ve heard before, but what you may not have heard is that applying a dollop of moisturizer post-rinsing will make your shave even closer and smoother.


2. Use a toner right after shaving. A quick swipe of refreshing toner will remove residue and encourage pores to close, resulting in impeccably smooth skin.


3. Battle ingrowns with minimal effort. Using a face scrub once or twice a week will keep dead skin flakes from clogging pores and contributing to painful ingrown hairs. Prevention is the best defense!


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