You’ve heard it a million times – hydration is the key to fabulous skin. Even though every beauty guru, dermatologist, and doctor recommend it, are you actually heeding their advice and doing enough to ensure your skin stays quenched? Now that summer is officially here, a mix of dry air, sunburn, and salty seawater will put your skin to the test. That’s why we set out on the mission to find some seriously hydrating skincare.

Since stumbling upon the H20+ Beauty line, we haven’t looked back. Discover our three favorites products from the collection.


This high-powered Oasis Hydrating Booster instantly provides a surge of hydration when mixed with your favorite H2O+ serum or moisturizer. It contains concentrated beads filled with Vitamins A and E, delivering immediate and long lasting hydration. The result is a fresh, dewy glow and visibly plumped, healthy looking skin.


Moisturize like a boss! The Oasis Moisture Boost Serum protects the outer layer of the skin from moisture loss and provides instant, non-greasy hydration. This dual-phased formula provides weightless hydration and contains some of our favorite hydrating ingredients, Sea Grass and Water Lily extracts.


Buy your face a drink. The Oasis Ultra Hydrating Cream is clinically proven to relieve dry, parched skin, instantly boosting its hydration by over 100%. It is a lightweight cream-gel that provides intense hydration that lasts for 24-hours while illuminating pigments add a radiant glow.

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