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The HCG Diet

My transformative year with EGA Medical began with a doctor supervised HCG diet to “lose” before they “lift”. I’m not a disciplined person and 43 days sounded like an eternity, but I vowed to DO THIS THING!!

The HCG Diet is a 500 calorie diet combined with daily injections of Human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that pregnant women produce. This hormone releases stored fat reserves, creating fuel for the body so there’s little hunger or weakness despite the limited calories.

I must stress upfront that this diet is not sustainable without the HCG hormone and much safer with doctor supervision like at EGA Medical.

Their team meant business… They require general blood work and determine BMI and BMR rates prior to the start. I had to email my weight each morning, which kept me on track, and they always responded with advice and encouragement.


Here’s the gist:
Two 150-calorie “meals” of 3-4 ozs of of lean protein and one approved veggie. Two fruits- either an apple, orange, half a grapefruit or some strawberries.
Also one breadstick or a melba toast 2x a day … woo hoo!

Lemon juice, vinegar are allowed but no fats. In fact, only oil-free products can be used on your body to not interfere with fat release.
That’s all folks!!

The first two days were easy… ok, they’re “Loading Days”, where high fat food is eaten to sustain you until the hormone kicks in.
Then the fun began.
I weighed and grilled my food, added lemon and spices and spread out the morsels throughout my day.

Honestly, I was bored and cranky but not hungry, had no headaches and good energy. Yes, really!

The pounds dropped quickly, inspiring me to keep going. I actually looked forward to weighing myself. And since meals were so blah, for the first time EVER, food wasn’t that important.

Green tea filled me up. Sugar free gum kept me sane.
Going out was hard, but this crazy diet sure made for interesting conversation.

EGA Medical smartly provides only a ten day supply of needles so patients must check in and have IV Vitamin therapy to supplement..


If a dreaded plateau happens , they recommend an “apple day”- one apple every few hours, which jumpstarts your metabolism .
Towards the home stretch, I giddily started dreaming of food allowed during the “Maintenance Phase”- Three weeks with no sugar or starches. Healthy foods like almonds felt like treats.

Overall, I lost 25 pounds and even with limited exercise, my body was toned.

Now there are skeptics who attribute the loss solely to the limited calories. I’m no expert but something worked to help sustain me without feeling depleted. I might’ve been bored to death but I was never weak or hungry.
But I worried about keeping the weight off. Twenty five hard-earned pounds were lost and I didn’t want them found!!

After such restriction, staying on track is a breeze! I just limit sugar and carbs. This diet definitely changed my relationship with food.

I have not just reset my body, but my mindset as well.

Now that I’ve lost, it’s time to lift!
Stay tuned for the next installment in my “Year of Transformation”!!

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