Adventures in Anti-Aging Series | EGA Medical Spa with Tracy Gavant

The Transformation Consultation

Fountain Med Spa in NYC is a team of top physicians and licensed estheticians offering a full range of non-surgical procedures for enhancing the face and body. They recently underwent their own transformation, changing their name to EGA Medical (That’s AGE spelled backwards, since they’re turning back age- get it?). Offering a full range of non-surgical procedures including skin care, injectables and anti-aging therapies like Platelet Rich Plasma, vitamin therapy and body contouring, their expert team evaluates and develops short and long term strategies customized for each client’s individual needs.

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In honor of their new name and recent expansion to a second location in Larchmont, NY, they invited lucky me to experience some of their anti-aging treatments over a “year of transformation”.

I will be sharing the pain, pleasure and results with you, dear SpaWeek readers as we go through this adventure together. Like a BFF, I promise to be truthful about the good, the bad and the (hopefully) beautiful outcome. Here goes…

When I had my first consultation, I was surprised at how unexpectedly positive the experience was; rather than list all of the things that were wrong with me, recommendations were worded gently, speaking about enhancing and restoring rather than “fixing” me. While I bet they say that all the girls, I did feel a little better about myself even before the treatments began.

So- let’s get down to the nitty gritty:􏰀 I am an animated person, love the sun, and live to eat. This was all fine in my younger years, but it’s all caught up with me now. My animated face has wrinkles, my neck is droopy and my clothes are past “snug”.

This is the plan they outlined to help restore me to my former fabulousness:

Overall Strategy: Lose, then Lift. While we all want a quick fix, the EGA team is smart and thoughtful about achieving optimal results so they really look at the big picture.

The philosophy at EGA Medical is to “lose and lift”, then fill or sculpt as appropriate. Here’s my personalized plan-

Step One: Lose the extra lbs with their doctor-supervised HCG Diet for 43-day cycle

Step Two: Cool Sculpting on tummy and thighs to refine whatever stubborn stuff is left

Step Three: Ultherapy treatment on eyes, cheeks, chin and neck to increase new collagen production and lift/tighten my skin

Step Four: Voluma & Botox injections on face and neck to lift and fill Step Five: Cover of Vogue!
Just kidding… I’ll settle for a new and improved me.
While we all want a quick fix, this strategy really made sense.

I was confident that I was in good hands… I was given a very strategic, well thought-out and professional plan that was customized as to what was best for me, not by the newest treatment that were pushing that week. Stay tuned!fullsizerender

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