img_2479Discover a new and enchanting skin care routine for your body with Ahava’s new Cactus & Pink Pepper line.

The Cactus & Pink Pepper Mineral Hand Cream ($24; 3.4oz) is enriched with refreshing witch hazel and infused with the fresh, uplifting combination of Cactus & Pink Pepper that gently and effectively softens rough, dry skin and improves moisture levels while Protecting and smoothing hands. It is specially formulated to protect hands while providing relief and nourishment.


  • Witch Hazel extracts sanitizes and smoothes skin, providing a refreshing, revitalizing effect
  • Allantoin heals dry cracked skin and blemishes

The Cactus & Pink Pepper Mineral Body Lotion ($28; 8.5oz) is a quick absorbing lotion in a fresh new scent! It restores skin’s moisture, providing it with all day comfort.


  • Aloe Vera Extract soothes and provide natural moisture
  • Witch Hazel extracts smoothes skin, providing refreshing, revitalizing effect

The Cactus & Pink Pepper Dry Oil Body Mist ($42.50; 3.4oz) is a spray-on dry oil that provides skin with a smoothness and enduring radiance, while pampering with a feminine scent. It is a dry oil that is infused with a unique mix of Dead Sea plant oils that provide skin with a new smoothness, suppleness and enduring radiance.


  • Jojoba Seed Oil, one of nature’s greatest replenishing agents, smoothes, softens and hydrates skin
  • Dunaliella Algae slows down cell degradation by protecting skin from free radical damage
  • Sesame Seed and Vitamin E Oils, rich in healing and anti-aging properties, help strengthen the skin’s natural protective barriers and give the body a healthy glow.

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  1. Laser Klinic

    I will definitely try the product as it contains natural ingredients that keep my skin hydrated and moisturized. Will keep looking for more such posts to come on your website.


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