Yes, it is possible to workout from your bed.

If you haven’t been following Tanya Poppett’s Instagram, you should start now.

Tanya is a Sydney based trainer who does workouts (literally) anywhere with little to no equipment. Her workouts are perfect for the on-the-go woman who wants to remain in tip-top shape but quite frankly, doesn’t have the time to hit the gym or squeeze in a long workout.

Not only will you be inspired by Tanya’s quick and convenient sweat sessions, but you’ll also be mesmerized by the scenery in each post. The best part? Most of her workouts only involve a mat, with the occasional use of dumbbells or resistance bands.



So what kind of workout will you be doing? Tanya focuses mostly on bodyweight strength, while incorporating HIIT, cardio, pilates, and stretching. You’ll find yourself doing a variation of planks, squats, burpees, push-ups, ab workouts, etc. After becoming a huge success with her Instagram workouts, she now has an app called “Train with Tanya” available on iTunes and Google Play. The app offers a 12 week workout program as well as healthy and easy meals to make with step by step instructions.


Photo by iTunes Store

With Tanya’s workouts, you’ll notice your body stronger and toned, but most importantly you’ll notice a larger confidence within yourself- and not because you look better, but feel better.

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