Get ready to work it out with fitness queen Jasmine-Symoné, Lululemon and The Wellth Collective.

There’s only two things that you can do when you’re invited to a free Cardio Kickboxing class lead by fitness guru Jasmine-Symoné – shut up and get ready to sweat. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when Symoné sauntered to the front of the lawn to face a class size off 200+ people. At first glance, Symoné is a very petite, young woman who is clearly very fit.

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The class began with everyone playing follow-the-leader to Symoné ‘s minimally-cued moves. Kick? Punch? Squat? This was so easy to do. The 45-min class continued with non-stop movement to the upbeat tunes of her cardio kick-boxing playlist that made me feel like I was 21 again and dancing at the club.

This week, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a class by AKT in Motion, The Sculpt Society or NYSC Lab. You’ll be surprised at how much better a 45-minute sweat session will make your body and mind feel.

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