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Working in a big city practically guarantees built in exercise, so I’m never surprised when my Apple Watch alerts me to my completed step goal of 5,000 steps. While I’m always pleased with these results, it got me thinking…how active would I really be if I didn’t have to walk to get to work everyday? Would I still hit my goal of 5,000+ steps? Would I even want to?

Recent research has showed that walking regularly can lead to weight loss, disease prevention and stronger bones, which makes it even more important to pound the pavement. In addition, Live Strong reports that it takes just 40 minutes a day to reap the benefits!

Find out how you can get 40 minutes of walking in per day in fun and entertaining ways. Let us know what your favorite way to get moving is in the comments below!

Play Pokemon Go! – In the game, people actively explore their real-world surroundings to capture in-game creatures that they can use to battle other players. People who play it are more than twice as likely to meet their 10,000-steps goal for the day, according to the new study, presented recently at an American Heart Association meeting.

Go Thrifting – Perusing your local thrift or second-hand store can lead to a surprising amount of steps taken! You can easily get lost in the racks of clothes, and not even realize that you’re working up a sweat.

Buy Local Groceries – Famer’s markets are a staple in the NYC grocery shopping scene, and many small towns have recently caught on as well. Instead of driving to the grocery store, park your car at a weekend market and browse through the unique offerings as you check items off your list.

Explore a Park – Head over to your local park and hit the trails. It’s way more engaging than taking laps around a track! Focus on all your senses as you walk through the forest, and you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Collect Seashells – Water has a soothing and tranquil effect on the body, which makes visiting the beach or lake ideal for unwinding. Take a relaxing walk and scour the shore for pretty seashells that you can use later for DIY crafts.

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