From your Lululemon leggings to your Bandier sports bra, we have the best tips to preserve your fitness gear.

If you are like us, you love to wear your workout gear everywhere- from the gym to a post-workout brunch cocktail (we take the atheleisure life serious). But, if you are as devoted as we are, it is important you are properly caring for your fashion forward tops and bottoms. We spoke to KORE MOVEMENT owner and CEO, Jen Glass, to ensure that you stop wrecking your workout clothes on your next laundry day.


Organic Laundry Detergent/Soap on COLD cycle, ½ cup vinegar to end of the cycle if needed and air dry. Today’s fabrics are easier than every to care for. Keep it simple. Remember, always wash clothes in COLD water. Hot water tends to lead to shrinkage, colors to run or expedites seams to tear. If you’ve really put in a good workout and want to ensure the benefits linger only via your toned body and not via odors, add a ½ cup of vinegar towards the end of the wash cycle.


Air Dry! Air Dry! Air Dry! Avoid the dryer or risk your clothes shrinking, shriveling, unraveling, and seams ripping. Lay flat or hang and air dry.  But ok, ok, you’re in a major hurry, too much to do/learn/explore/adventure and not enough days in a lifetime, so I’ll gift you three free passes to pop them in the dryer on delicate (use your passes with caution).

Fabric Softner:

Ban fabric softener, seriously! Activewear fabric is designed to whisk away sweat and fabric softeners emit wax like elements that adhere to fabrics making it feel wonderfully softer but also reduces the fabric’s ability to absorb moisture aka sweat. So, never use  Fabric Softener despite what anyone else tries to tell you.

Other Tips:

So, now that I have told you how to take care of your clothes, I want to share my go-to DIY cleaner recipe for my mats, yoga blocks, foam rollers etc.

  • 1 cup water
  • 12 drops of vinegar or witch hazel
  • 12 drops of tea tree oil
  • 10 drops eucalyptus oil or lavender
  • Combine into your favorite spray bottle and clean after each use.
Jen is on a mission to bring Wellness to the World™. Born and raised in Leawood, KS with roots in Laguna Beach, CA, Jen is the Owner and CEO of KORE MOVEMENT™ à Custom yoga programs and lesson plans for everyone from kids, tweens, teens and those with injuries to professional athletes. She spearheads client partnerships, studio consulting and the KORE MOVEMENT Team. As a hobby, she adores teaching Yoga for Kids, Professional Athletes and Private Yoga Lessons in Kansas City. She serves as Vanity Fair’s lucy Activewear National Yoga Ambassador. Her 15+ years of training in ballet, jazz, and martial arts has laid a foundation of movement in her life, which led her to be certified in Pilates and Yoga. She’s fortunate to have trained under some of the world’s most known and respected yogis. Jen leads a life of passion and energy and decided to combine her business acumen with her personal lifestyle and love for yoga to create KORE MOVEMENT. She has her 300hr RYT with more than 1,000 teaching hours and is in the process of acquiring her 500hr RYT in Los Angeles, CA.

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