In honor of the cooler weather, we’ve rounded up three seasonal superfoods to stuff in your grocery cart STAT!

Fall Food

Crisp autumn leaves and cozy cashmere sweaters – just the thought of fall has us feeling warm and fuzzy inside! But fabulous foliage and indoor comforts aren’t our only cravings this season. We’re also hankering for the nutrient-packed produce which happens to be in abundance during fall’s harvest. Whether you’re partial to pumpkin pie, or prefer to keep warm with a cup of hot apple cider, these three fall foods are sure to keep you healthy and energized throughout everyone’s favorite time of year.

1.      Apples

It’s an adage as old as time, but an apple a day can really keep the doctor away. With four grams of fiber per serving and full of antioxidants, feasting on fall’s apples is a sure way to boost your body’s nutritional intake. Whether you throw an apple in your purse or throw on an apron to bake yourself a pie, be sure to eat the apple skin – it’s full of healthy flavonoids. And don’t forget about this fruit’s high pectin content – it could lower your odds of contracting cardiovascular disease.

2.      Pumpkins

Nothing says fall flavor like a vitamin A-rich pumpkin. The phytosterols in pumpkins can help combat high cholesterol and this gourd’s supply of beta-carotene will fend off free radicals. So don’t just carve this autumn accessory – eat it, too!

3.     Cranberries

We’re all familiar with the cranberry sauce holiday staple, but fresh cranberries, available in the fall, are a superfood that deserve some recognition. Rich in vitamin C and fiber, cranberries are only outranked by blueberries in their antioxidant capacity. One cup of cranberries can contain 8,983 antioxidants, so stock up!


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