If you’re someone who dreads breaking a sweat and prefers “Chicken Nugget Yoga” to regular yoga, then you are going to especially benefit from reading this.  People become easily unmotivated to workout because after a few times, it starts to feel like chore.  And honestly, knowing you’re receiving insane benefits without seeing immediate results is just not enough to keep us goin’.  So the secret to continuing a steady fitness regimen?  A workout class that never gets boring.

Below are the top fitness classes in NYC that are so fun, your brain will have to try hard to get distracted.

1. SWERVE Fitness

Courtesy of Yelp

With locations in Midtown, Flatiron and Montauk, it’s no wonder Swerve is such a hit.  Call it the boutique-version of SoulCycle if you may, for a class at Swerve “feels more like you’re in a club,” as one Google reviewer noted.

2. TrampoLEAN 


Courtesy of TrampoLEAN

Can you think of a more fun way to get LEAN?  We can’t.  Although every class involves you on a mini trampoline, each class is customized to target a different body area.  There’s one that works solely abs, while another focuses on arms.  The variety keeps your sweat sessions always exciting. (Plus, they do #ThrowBackThursday playlists!)

3. Yoga Spark 


Courtesy of Tribeca Citizen

People who don’t like yoga complain about it being too “slow.”  But as Refinery29 put it, Yoga Spark is best for “modern yogis who like to party.”  What makes this studio unique is that the classes control and change the lighting so you can really get into your yoga ~groove~.  And if you take the BlacklightSpark class, make sure to wear neon or white clothes to really become a part of the glow in the dark moment!

4. Throwback Fitness 


Courtesy of Google Reviews

Are you “old school,” one who thrives in a team-oriented environment and prefers a 45-minute workout to a 1-hour one?  Then Throwback is the place for you.  They use the phrase “old school” because many of the workouts (which include rowing, classic strength and cardio movements like burpees, push-ups, etc.) have been around for years and have proven to be efficient.  The cherry on top?  There’s even a fitness version of flip-cup!

Find any of these interesting and fun?  We hope you go and let us know your feedback in the comments below!

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