I’m a firm believer in, “When you look good, you feel good.” No matter the day I’m having, I always look forward to my beauty routine in the evening. Washing my face thoroughly with the right tools is like I’m washing away any negative energy of the day. I then feel relaxed and recharged – ready to take on the next day.

The same applies to when I get ready in the morning. Regardless of the time I have to wake up, there’s something oddly satisfying about doing my hair and pulling myself together. I feel confident. Strong. Undefeated.

So when I search for personal care lines, I search for a brand that’s innovative and reliable. A brand that I just can’t seem to keep going back to. You know, like that toxic friend or ex-boyfriend you keep allowing in your life (except this isn’t toxic).

Panasonic – this year’s Fall Spa Week Media Personal Care/Beauty Tool Sponsor – has had my back since the beginning. They make my mornings brighter and evenings fulfilled. My favorite tools? Read ahead to see what I could never (and can ever) live without:

 Micro-Foaming Facial Cleansing Device – EH-XC10-N


I find when I don’t use my cleansing device, even if I’m using a high-end and effective exfoliator – my face does not feel as cleansed. This gets the job done and the swift results make this tool an addictive and necessary part of your skincare routine.

Nanoe™ Compact Travel Hair Dryer with Quick-Dry Nozzle and Folding Handle – EH-NA27-K


As someone who is always on the go, and despises wet and frizzy hair (who doesn’t?) – this hair dryer kills two birds with one stone. If you have the tendency to overpack (guilty), this tool will become your new best friend. The Quick-Dry Nozzle and 1400-Watt dryer enables any hair type to dry quickly.

Women’s Multi-Functional Wet/Dry Shaver & Epilator with Pedicure Buffer ES-ED90-P


My favorite feature? This little guy charges FAST! Like I said, I’m always on the go, and pretty much like the rest of humanity – patience is a virtue I’m still slowly acquiring. My legs and underarms always feel smoother and I love the pedicure buffer attached to it. You can say “au revoir” to ingrown hairs!

Like what you see? Let us know in the comments below which Panasonic tools you bought. And don’t forget to enter to win his/her Panasonic high-tech tools!


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