They say “beauty is pain,” but let’s be frank: We all want a painless, quick beauty treatment that gives us red carpet results ASAP.  Right?

And that’s exactly why you should book a $50 service at Buglino Plastic Surgery in Woodbury, NY, this Fall Spa Week Event.  When you walk into Dr. Buglino’s facility, you enter a brand new state of the art building, and are immediately welcomed by a friendly, accommodating staff.  Buglino Plastic Surgery takes great pride in their exceptional customer service, and it’s evident when clients leave the office happy and looking forward to their next visit.


Wondering what fabulous, advanced treatment you can receive at Buglino Plastic Surgery? Here are the options:

  • Pharmaceutical Grade Chemical Peel – Clients have the comfort and trust of receiving such a treatment in a doctor’s office, so you know your face will be in good hands. The beauty of this peel is that there’s no downtime.  You will walk right out of the office with a beautiful glow!
  • Lip Perk Pump Treatment + Take Home Kit – The treatment infuses a lip plumper into the lips and gives them a deep exfoliation. It’s a “red carpet” treatment that lasts 24 hours.  You’re guaranteed to love the results so much that they give you a take home kit with the same serum so you achieve the look all on your own.
  • Eye Perk Treatment + Take Home Kit –  This is another deep exfoliation treatment that’s considered “red carpet.”  Results are immediate, so expect your eye area to appear more refreshed and awake. You get a take home kit as well, so you can seriously say “adios” to under eye bags!

If you haven’t rushed to book your appointment already, click here to do so now!


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