Affecting over 350 million people annually, depression is the number one disability worldwide.

To keep the conversation open and alive, crusader Audrey Gruss has launched a new fragrance collection Hope that will be donating 100% net profit directly to discovering new medications, treatments, prevention and related mood disorders.


The fragrance collection goes beyond just a product giving back, but is providing the socially-conscious consumer with an opportunity to use their purchasing power.

With so many celebrities like Demi Lovato, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristen Bell, speaking openly about their struggle with depression – now is the time more than ever to keep this dialogue open and be a part of a voice that our society so desperately needs – a true “message in a bottle.”

In honor of Gruss’s mother Hope, who struggled with depression for decades – the collection is an uplifting blend of Hope’s favorite white flowers; lilies, jasmine, gardenia and tuberose.


You can support the cause and purchase a bottle of Hope or anything from the collection at

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