I don’t know about you, but I’ve never gotten an actual facial prior to today. When someone said they were getting a “facial”, I envisioned someone lying with a towel around their head, and an esthetician exfoliating and massaging different lotions and potions onto the person’s face. And then when it was all done, he or she would stand up glowing, completely renewed. So when I went to Cane + Austin Medi Spa on the Upper East Side today, that’s what I expected…and received.


I got their signature facial.  This facial varies depending on the client’s skin and skincare needs, but overall its purpose is to help the skin transition from summer to fall.  When I arrived, I had minimal makeup on but a pimple on my forehead (the size of Jupiter) and blackheads (but that’s nothing new) and maybe a few too large pores in my t-zone area. Okay, I’m making myself sound like a monster but even though I arrived with imperfect skin, I thought my skin was overall pretty good and barely needed work. Yeah, I was wrong.


My first facial taught me how essential getting facials are (at least once a month). And I learned the more you get facials, the less uncomfortable the extraction portion of the facial will be. You can guess where I’m going with this next.

The beginning of the facial was the most pleasant. The room was calming, the music was perfect (yes, they place music in the background) and the esthetician was cleaning off any makeup I had and prepping my skin. It felt great and calming. However, I had in mind this was how the ENTIRE facial was going to feel. When she said “extract” I thought to myself- what the @#* are you going to pull out…and with what? And is it going to hurt?! (I have zero pain tolerance).


The extraction hurt like hell. That was because, as she told me, my t-zone was extremely clogged and I had a few small breakouts on my forehead (and then that one huge one the size of Jupiter). She didn’t extract my pimples and blackheads using a tool, which is good. The extraction process took maybe around 1-3 minutes. She said the more I go, the less extraction I’ll need and the less pain I will feel. After that was over, the rest of the facial felt comfortable aside from some tingling when she put a clay-like mask on my face, which I didn’t mind.

I left with barely any redness, and feeling confident enough to leave the office sans-makeup. She said I should expect to see immediate results and even more so around 2-3 days post-treatment.

My face looked cleaner, felt cleaner and smoother, and only a little redness in my t-zone. I’m excited to see my skin on Wednesday and even more excited to go back to Cane + Austin for my next facial in a month…and you should too!

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