Next time you’re in Cary, North Carolina – we promise you are going to want to book a $50 treatment at BodyLase Skin Spa for this Fall Spa Week.

Located in a town right outside of Raleigh, BodyLase is an upscale medispa where customers revel in its state-of-the-art medical technology and appreciation for all-natural skincare.

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There’s numerous reasons why BodyLase is exceptionally unique, but what stands out most is how well they [the staff] advise each client before choosing a treatment. Clients will receive a complete and personal consultation that covers everything you can imagine – from figuring out the specific beauty goals of the client, to giving expert advice that covers all questions the client may have. Ultimately, you will feel comfortable and confident before receiving the treatment of your choice.


The services BodyLase offers all focus on “rejuvenating and improving your skin.”  If you’re looking to not just refresh your skin, but yourself, be sure to check out and book one of the following treatments:

  • 50 Min Pumpkin Enzyme Facial with Hydration Mask- Maybe it’s the soap you’re using to wash your face, or maybe it’s the weather. No matter why your skin is dehydrated, this facial and mask will revitalize your skin entirely.
  • 50 Min Level 1 Peel Addressing Skin Care Concern- Are you tired of sun spots? Wrinkles? Dry Skin? Whatever your skin issue is, your expert will give you the perfect peel to combat your issue.
  • Laser Hair Removal Session for Underarms- Who has time for constantly shaving underarms? (Newsflash: we don’t!). Before your treatment, you will have an “introductory session” that will explain the entire process of laser hair removal, as well as how to properly care for the area post treatment.

Let us know which treatment you need most in the comments below! Don’t forget to book treatment here.

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