Are you a current resident of Los Angeles looking to detox, lose weight and de-stress? Well then SaunaBar may be simply more than perfect for you.

At this “wellness oasis,” your definition of wellbeing will be challenged and you’ll be encouraged and guided to open your mind, body and spirit. We’re human and from time to time we will fall off the wellness course. But fortunately, SaunaBar has the tools and cutting edge technology to put you back on the right track.


Here’s what they’re offering this Fall Spa Week Event:

  • SaunaBar Lymphatic Massage- You can guess what this treatment targets: your Lymphatic system. It’s so important to have a healthy functioning Lymphatic system because your immune system heavily depends on it. The Lymphatic Massage uses the Pneumatic Compression Machine, which gently applies pressure via an air pressure device, to help drain lymph fluids from your body. Ultimately, you will see a decrease in muscle cramps, varicose veins and cellulite. Your immune system will also increase and your stress levels lowered.
  • Infrared SaunaPod Session- SaunaPods are the new traditional saunas, and if you haven’t experienced them yet- now is your time! Incredibly healing (the pods are lined with jade stones) and detoxifying, the SaunaPods allow absorbs your own (not from the outside) body heat into your skin. There’s numerous benefits to this: reduced stress and redness from sunburns, stronger immune system, burned calories, etc.

What are you waiting for? Book your well-deserved treatment and let us know what you picked in the comments below!




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